DRIVING QUESTION: How do we maintain our mission work and impact in Kenya, even after we've moved from Kenya?
OUR SOLUTION: To utilise land at YWAM Athi River to begin a large scale farm.
THE MISSION AND VISION: The goal of this farm is to allow the produce to be sold and the funds to be used to keep the YWAM FC team self sustained.  Extra funds will be used for the boys to be able to go to technical training without the worry of where the money would come from. As the farm is located on YWAM Athi River property, it will also provide food security for those living at the base, as well as support young missionaries who are struggling to pay their missions staff fees.
CURRENT IMPACT: As of this time, the land has begun to be cleared, with workers clearing bushes and trees each day.  This is to prepare for the next stage of plowing the land!

Our current financial needs are as follows:
- $800 CAD // $590 USD // 73,000 KSH for water tanks (2 needed)
- $100 CAD // $75 USD // 9,000 KSH for Tank refilling (2 needed)
- $35 CAD // $25 USD // 3,000 KSDH for fencing (5 needed)
- $35 CAD // $25 USD // 3,000 KSH per worker per week
- $300 CAD // $220 USD // 28,000 KSH for piping and irrigation
- $200 CAD // $150 USD // 19,000 KSH for seeds and pesticides
- Cost of plowing TBD

To donate, or to participate in our upcoming fundraisers, see below.

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