Want to be involved, but more than just donating money?  Or are you part of a church or school looking for a ministry to be a partner with financially?  You can help us by fundraising for a specific one of our ministries, or for our work in general.

Some fundraising ideas can include the following:
MOVIE NIGHT - Host a movie night with donations upon entry.  You could even have a drink, popcorn, or snack bar to keep everyone satisfied during the movie!
GARAGE SALE - Have some stuff you want to get rid of?  Host a garage sale in your front yard, with the funds going to support one of our ministries!
ONLINE AUCTION - Know people willing to donate physical items that can be auctioned off?  Online auctions have become more and more common and trusted in the past few years, with tons of different available programs - some are even completely free! 
GOFUNDME - Want to fundraise for our ministries, but don't have the time to put on a big fundraiser?  Gofundme is a commonly used, well loved program that you can use to raise funds for any one of our ministries!

There are lots of creative, fun ways you can use to help raise and donate money to our mission work!  Don't limit yourself to the list above, get creative!

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