OUR MISSION: To change our community by teaching and living out the lessons taught to us in the bible, through soccer ministry, teaching ministry, and disability ministry.
OUR VISION: To see our community changed by the gospel.
Soccer Ministry
Vision: To see young people changed by God through weekly sports and mentorship.
Goal: To use soccer as a space where young people can come to play games, and get mentorship to grow in their relationship with God.  Through this, they become active and alive in their society, helping them to create a positive mindset to change the situation of their home and surrounding community.​​​​​​​
Our Current Impact: Many of these boys come from the local town, where drug and alcohol rates are high.  Despite their background, this group of boys come to play soccer up to three times a week, where they can receive mentorship by the ministry leaders, and they get to be a part of a loving, God fearing community.  Our team was able to recently join the Machakos county league!
 Teaching Ministry
Vision: To impart understanding of the word of God into young people's hearts.
Goal: To teach young people, and train them in inductive bible study so that they can know and understand the bible and the Lord more personally.
Current financial needs:
Travel to and from ministry ($50 per month)
English and Swahili bibles ($30 each, many needed)
Disability Ministry - In partnership with DECAS Kenya
Vision: To see individuals and families who have been impacted by disabilities thrive within their community.
Goal: DECAS Kenya (Disability Empowerment Capability And Sustainability) strives to empower and support individuals living with disabilities within our local area.  People with disabilities in Kenya aren't given equal opportunity and often struggle to get around, with public transport not accommodating special needs.  DECAS strives to raise funds to support individuals and families who have been impacted by disabilities.  Through our partnership, we hope to help DECAS raise funds, as well as support their events and raising awareness within the community.
Our Current Impact: Nikki is currently finalising a website that she made as a volunteer for DECAS, so that they can continue their amazing work and continue to spread awareness locally and internationally.
The Life Project
Vision: To use stories from people around the world to inspire, inform, and empower readers.
Goal: To interview and photograph people from around the world, getting to know a glimpse of their story with the goal of posting and sharing their story online to inspire, inform, and empower readers from around the world.  Readers will get a glimpse into different lives from around the world, while the storytellers are able to see the power in their story and the change that comes with sharing their story.  Our Patreon account also gives exclusive access to a wide list of resources for anyone internationally to easily access helplines and support groups from the comfort of their own home. 
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